Sabu Francis

And then...

And then, when I'll finally meet you
I'll look up from whatever I am doing;
there will be a faint smile on my lips
and just a trace of admonition in my voice
when I'll ask; "where were you, all this time?"

There will not be too many things to be said
Nor too many things to be done
Just that; each of us will look at the other
and say; slowly, simply:

"I love you so much"

And then...
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Sabu Francis

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And then he left one day when exercising with his technical writers' laughter club in Mumbai. Just as he had come: My grandma used to say that he was the only child of hers who was born with a smile on his face. In my own selfish way, I was happy for him. Living in the US for the last twenty years weighed on me, for not being around him. If he had left in any other way, that weight would have remained.

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