Sabu Francis (sabufrancis) wrote,
Sabu Francis

Quiet, Disquiet

my child and I stood at the edge of a pond
and marveled at the calm beyond
my child and I went to the sea shore
and saw restless waves going to and fro

my child stood in awe and felt haltered
by nature's different ways of handling waters
in his eyes I could see his confusion
and his mind was full of hesitations

so I told him:

some changes are not obvious my son
some obvious changes are actually constants
on the pond, a ripple would be disturbing
in the sea, any stillness should be frightening

so there are many answers you must seek
are you the pond ? or the sea?
and ask what defines a disturbance:
being a wave? or being acquiescent?

and when you are at the shore of a friendship
ask the same questions of the relationship:
is that person a pond? or the sea?
and what would disturb your sailing ship?

and once you know your answers;
to handle changes just remain well armed
for nature would know what do next;
and our souls will remain unharmed

though each of us may get disturbed
that is no real cause of concern
for a pond is always destined to be a pond
and we'll see a sea remaining a sea

for every change that does occur;
comes into our lives for a purpose
nature always has a use for any change
such is the way its meant to be

without ploughing the field
we cannot have our next crop
without action there can be no yield
as apathy can easily take us to rot

Hence even if there are ripples on the pond
or if there is fright from the sea
nature has a way to derive profit
even from the most mean turn of destiny

as you get older you would change physically
but what was once a pond wont become the sea
people around you may say you are disturbing
yet only that can bring true understanding

just keep asking these questions every year
and do things natural to you without fear
don't make the pond behave like the sea
or insist that the sea should be calm to see

you'll then move on from year to year happily
you'll then know how to age gracefully
don't waste time changing peoples' definitions
instead; expend effort changing perceptions

Tags: poem

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