Sabu Francis (sabufrancis) wrote,
Sabu Francis

To Anna, When I caught her without a smile

Where are you, my daughter?
I think of you every day
You used to snuggle in my arms
And you would want me to say:

Where are you my daughter?
And I will then feign
That I did not see you
In your own little hideaway

Where are you now, my daughter?
Sixteen years passed away
In the split of a second
Before the light of the day

Where are you, my daughter?
You'll be a woman any day!
Hope you'll be a flower
Not burdened with worldly weighs

Where are you my daughter?
Not lost in thoughts astray?
I know life is sometimes
around the edges; a bit gray

In sometime you'll also have a child
When today becomes yesterday
You will then realize
The importance of what I now say

Every sigh can be a smile;
And a far mile an inch away
Just be what you are
Woes'll settle their own way

Don't wish upon a star
Or hang on to a pray
You are what you are
And that is good enough to stay

You will then be my sweet daughter
You will light up the way
You will overcome all hurdles
And your humour wont fade away

Tags: annabelle, poem
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