Sabu Francis (sabufrancis) wrote,
Sabu Francis


All these footwear
in front of my door;
they all tell stories.

The pair over there
Has football mud
speaking of the fun
enjoyed by my son.

The dainty set,
shiny and red
with heels that
quietly rise;
making my daughter
seem wise
over her mother.

My elder daughter;
practical, bless her;
is simple from head
to toe, forever...
as can be seen
in her quiet slippers.

My wife's footwear
is often missing
just as she is;
in her busy hurrying
in and out to keep
our fire burning

One day at my door
One'll see some more
little footwear
here and there;
and stories every where

And where is that
left sandal of mine?

It has got me felled,
I'm down on my knees;
saying "there's still
one more story
left to tell..."
Tags: family, footwear, hardship, relationships, work
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