May 20th, 2011

Sabu Francis

Catch the glint

Old sparks hardly glow
in today's faint embers.
A child's dreamy gasp
is now a 49 year wheeze.
A frayed dawn may come
with the morning mist
Yet whispers waft through
telling me not to let go,
Don't dare go out
into the night lightly.
Tonight, the Diwali lights
will bring back all the hopes.
Once again I will know
where I'll have to go, boldly,
where no pessimism goes.
I have to teach me, myself
to catch those sparks
which I once thought
were mere fireflies
but were actually glints in
someone's beautiful eyes
Sabu Francis

Cross your river

Life, it has been tough
Leather, I've had enough.

My friends often call me
Say, why don't you
Do, what everyone says?

I want to tell them how
does one cross a river:
It's similar, not same
as arrows from a quiver

If I aim for that known
point on the other side
I need to swim and
go against the tide

For if I go straight;
always in a line
I will be taken ahead
far away by a mile

But if I fight the current
that force in vogue
I will hit the sweet spot
surely at the right time

If you perchance see
a boatman unqualified
he'll take you across
in an unusual route

He will point his boat
Not to a point across
But to a point upstream
To reach your exact spot

He will teach you
what this song is about
It's not about a river
It's all about a crossing
It's all about a fight
Sabu Francis

Reality Checks

My nephew picked up
in his gloved hand
some glittering snow.
He watched it
all magically flow

To which his kindly father;
my brother, said
all that glows
sometimes does
not stay nor grow.

The little child then
innocently asked
why the snow melted
in the freezing London heart

My brother thought to himself:

one day he will know
the cold will always end
in the presence of the
slightest warmth
Sabu Francis

A Spark and a Fire

A child holding a sparkler blazing bright
Carves his name into the night
The father stands with a bucket of water
Hopes that his son will not falter
For a spark often leads to a fire
and that may douse his child's desire.

Oh, what a fine balance a Diwali is:
Intense burning ideas with everlasting peace